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Castles of the Pejačević counts in Na...

In the Slavonian town of Našice, well known trading center dating back to the Middle Ages, there is a long tradition of nobility, but the castles of Pejačević family, built in the 19th and 20th centuries, are of relatively recent origin. The big Baroque castle was built in 1812, and was completely renovated a half a century later when […]

Do not miss in the Slavonia Baranja a...

Here are a few destinations that you should not miss while staying in Našice and Slavonia. If you are staying in Našice, you can choose one day and head out for a swim in Orahovica town or visit the “Amazon” of Europe in Baranja, Kopački rit. Be sure not to forget our Vukovar, and while […]

Days of Slavonian forest

Traditional festival Days of Slavonian Forest take place in the first weekend of September in the beautiful park of Našice. The manifestation is attracting a great number of visitors and participants despite unfavourable weather conditions. Exhibitions, concerts, competitions, lectures, discussions, scientific conference, Fair of Našice craftsmen, fair of products and services of rural Slavonia and festival […]

Where rivers connect

Development of Pécsvárad – Beremend – Nasice Pilgrims’ Way as part of Central European Pilgrims’ Route’s based on the historical values of medieval pilgrimages and organization into a thematic route. Hungarian pilgrimage currently leads from the Esztergom Máriagyűd. It is considered the way of friendship, peace, love, spirituality and comfort, passing through local shrines and […]

From Imperial railway to sustainable ...

The project is determined by the close geographical position of Croatian cities Našice and Slatina and Hungarian city Szentlörinc near the Drava river as well as by mutual history. The aim of the project was to promote new cultural- touristic programmes in order to remind the visitors of important historic data, that is – of a […]

Birdwatching in Našice area

At the place where the fertile plain meets the Krndija and Papuk mountains, people have always enjoyed the richness of flora and fauna. Swamps and forests gradually gave way to meadows and fields, but we have nevertheless managed to preserve the biodiversity of our region. Alongside important cultural monuments, a growing number of tourists visiting […]

The monastery library

The Franciscan Monastery of St.. Anthony of Padua in Našice has a rich library that occurs at the end of the 17th century (1666th). Antun Bačić head of the monastery in 1730,  all incunabulas and books shipped in Našice with oxen and chariots from Venice with a book collection of over 8,000 units, from 15 to 21st Century […]

Lake Lapovac

The Lapovac accumulation lake was created in 1993. It is situated only 3 km from the city center on the southeast side. Today the lake is a favorite resort of local people and surrounding areas, especially in summer when high temperatures make you want to move in search of refreshment. Although the lake is still not […]

Hinko Juhn

Hinko Juhn (1891–1940) was a Croatian Jewish sculptor, best known for his ceramics. He studied at the Arts & Crafts College in Zagreb and the International Academy in Florence, and took specialist classes in ceramics in the Czech Republic, Germany and at the Vienna School of Applied Arts. On his return to Zagreb, he exhibited […]

Ethno estate Ribnjaci

The property Ribnjaci of family Peršić is located in Donja Motičina, a few kilometers from Našice. Here you can relax on the fresh air, enjoy the untouched nature and learn about the past. The property presents a former life, and visitors can see wooden houses into depicting the daily life of the Slavonian man, laborers and […]

Educational park

Educational Park that  we also like to call the zoo  of family Bizik is located in Markovac Našički not far from Našice on the road towards Osijek. Educational park of family Bizik covers an area of 0.75 hectares and contains about 90 species of birds and animals from Africa (Leopard), America (raccoons), Australia (kangaroos and Dromaius). Park started […]

Monastery and the church

Church and Monastery in Našice are simply impossible to miss. Since the church is located in the city center, and since there are no tall buildings in Našice, church tower dominates the center and can be seen from all sides. Some people who first visited Našice, say the church was their orientation instead of the […]


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